The new parser is being rewritten. It is based on a low level parser and a high level one. The low level parser is almost finished.

A bug that was not detected by current version versions of g++ has been fixed.

The compilation of Avisynth 3.0 has been tested on Linux on the following distributions: gentoo (x86 and amd64), Paldo, Ubuntu 6.10 and of course with the source tarballs. Avisynth 3.0 compiles fine with g++ <= 4.1.1.
The Gstreamer 0.10 port is done. Specific Gstreamer sinks have been written. The audio part might not work. The seek works with mkv and avi files. Gstreamer has big problems with ogm files.

The configuration script accepts now new options to specify the location of headers and library of Boost. The Makefile rules have been fixed (dist and install rules).

The test application uses now the C interface. I need to implement the save feature (with x264). Example of script file than can be loaded by the test application:


Fontconfig support is being written, in order to locate fonts on Linux. It can be used on Windows if Avisynth 3.0 is compiled with MinGW.
The parser is working a bit (only expressions in a script).

There is now a C interface. It's not complete yet, but sufficient for my use.

x264 has also an avisynth 3.0 input. It's not included in x264 yet.
The GstreamerSource is working. I can load video files without too much problems. I'm looking at Gstreamer 0.9. It should be quite better than Gstreamer 0.8.

The CVS is compilable on Linux (there were problems because of the way source files were chosen). I have also added a test program that can load a video file and can let you chose the frame you want to look at. I've also added a resize option (to resize the video) but it crashes.

The parser is buggy right now. Bidoche has to fix it. It's the only thing that must be done, before a release.

The CVS tree compiles with gcc 3.4.* and 4.*, no more ICE for gcc 4.1.
Avisynth 3.0 supports only gcc version greater or equal to 4.0. It allows to support the visibility feature of the gcc 4 versions, to reduce the count of exported symbols, reducing the size of the library and allowing it to load faster in memory.
The CVS tree should compile with gcc 4.0.*. But it does not compile with gcc 4.1 (because of an ICE).
First part of the GstreamerSource is working. The VideoInfo is correctly filled.
It remains the MakeFrame method to implement.
Freetype text rendering is working. The following text is obtained with a Vera Bold font of size 16, with a white halo of size 3 (pixels).

Freetype rendering example

TODO: multiline.
if and while function are currently broken.
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